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White Label Website Builder

Your branded platform to create gorgeouswebsites for your customers.

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    Your logo and domain

    The clients will only see your Agency's branding.


    Team members

    Invite your team to collaborate on a project.


    Intuitive editor

    Easy to create for you, easy to edit for your clients.


    Fixed pricing

    Permanent partner discount for all your websites.

White Label Agency is a great fitif you are...



Create custom websites within just a few hours by choosing among 300+ white label web templates.


Web Studio

Collaborate with your team to build a successful Agency and work on up to 30 new projects simultaneously.


Big Agency

Sync website creation process among multiple teams — designers, copywriters, etc. Handle dozens of projects at the same time.

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3x increase in the development speed

While you are finishing one website with another platform, you could've done three sites with Weblium White Label Site Builder.

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No clients` sites maintenance needed

We take care of everything that happens under the hood of your websites, including hosting, security, and uptime. Spend your time on more important things!

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A simple, yet powerful editor

The Weblium Editor is created with elegance and simplicity, allowing you and your customers to make edits easily.
A wide choice of designing tools is included as well allowing you to create premium-quality sites.

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SEO tools out of the box

All the settings you need for effective SEO are at your fingertips. Add meta tags and alt-text for images, or change page URL while drinking your morning coffee!

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Market like a pro

World's best marketing tools are available right in the account. Google Analytics, Hotjar, Mailchimp — the list is growing on a monthly basis. Used right, these tools will be everything your White Label Agency needs.

Templates like you've never seen

Choose among our 300+ templates for your next website project, add new content, and deliver a perfect website in no time!


Amazing 24/7 human support

Contact our experts in live chat to ask tech questions or learn more about White Label and editor. No bots, no canned responses.


Earn extra with Weblium Studio

If your Agency is handling a huge workload, outsource the tasks to Weblium Studio. Pricing starts from $350 per website. Special discounts for website resellers apply.


Choose the best White Label Agency pack. No hidden fees.

⋅ Basic ⋅


*just 24 USD per month

Best option for freelancers

    White Label Website Builder (your domain name & branding)
    3 Projects
    1 Team member
    Pro subscription with 20% discount — 79 USD
    10% Discount on the site setup by Weblium Studio
    Unlimited clients
    Google Cloud Hosting

⋅ Growth ⋅


*just 49 USD per month

Best option for web studios

    White Label Website Builder (your domain name & branding)
    10 Projects
    5 Team members
    Pro subscription with 30% discount — 69 USD
    15% Discount on the site setup by Weblium Studio
    Unlimited clients
    Google Cloud Hosting
    Personal manager

⋅ Enterprise ⋅


*just 89 USD per month

Best option for big agencies

    White Label Website Builder (your domain name & branding)
    30 Projects
    15 Team members
    Pro subscription with 50% discount — 49 USD
    20% Discount on the site setup by Weblium Studio
    Unlimited clients
    Google Cloud Hosting
    Personal manager

Real opinions from our current resellers.

Highly recommended. Yes, you can run at big level when this beast is in full form (after a few months). Website design with your own branded website builder and strong customer support. Go for it guys. 2 codes no brainer.

Suvran, Your own branded website builder

A personal manager keeps you in the loop, helps you handle business challenges, and support you during the Weblium journey.

James Widegren, Personal Partner Manager

Reseller discounts allow setting a high margin and sell websites to clients at extensive prices.

Wiljo Rouwenhorst, Partner specials.

These guys simply get you covered at any time for any reason.

Jessica Wegelin, Superior tech-savvy support.


  • 1. So what exactly is White Label and why is it better than simply creating sites from my personal account?

    White Label is a feature that allows you to use Weblium as a landing page builder but under your own branding. It's tailored specifically for the Agency needs:
    ● You add your own logo and domain.● Weblium mentioning gets removed from everywhere — your clients won't know we exist.● You can invite colleagues as team members in your account and collaborate.

  • 2. How do I earn with Weblium White Label Agency?

    Create and upgrade websites for your clients in your Agency account. The Pro-subscription price comes with a discount — 20%, 30%, and 50% off in Basic, Growth, and Enterprise plans, respectively. Still, you can set any prices for your clients as you wish. We are not interfering. Also, no hidden charges: you only pay for our discounted Pro-subscription.

  • 3. What is Weblium Studio?

    Weblium Studio is our own design studio that creates websites on Weblium. If you're too loaded to build websites for your clients, our Studio will take care of this for you with a discount for resellers.
    The process consists of several steps: the questionnaire, a prototype, design approval, a series of edits before the website is finished and approved by you.. We'll be in touch with you, not your clients.
    Should you need a custom logo, or a specific task on your existing website, Weblium Studio can handle this too.

  • 4. What are the projects? How can I have 3, 10, or 30 projects and unlimited clients?

    For example, if you are on the Growth plan, you can have 10 projects max in your account, meaning you can work on not more than 10 websites simultaneously.

  • 5. Will you help me set up my Agency?

    Absolutely! The registration process is smooth — it takes just 4 steps to add your own branding and kick off your Agency. If you stumble upon anything, you can find useful guides at Weblium Help Center, or contact our support team in chat.

  • 6. Will my clients get any emails from Weblium?

    Your clients will receive transactional emails such as password reset email or subscription confirmation email from the neutral address efil.etisbewruoy%40ylperon. These won't contain any mentions of Weblium. Eventually, we're going to develop the option of sending transactional emails from your business email address.

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